Mission Statement

We will anticipate and exceed the needs of all our customers.
We believe that leaders exist to serve the needs of those with whom they work.
We are committed to being sufficiently profitable to ensure the growth, improvement and continuity of our services.
We are committed to being good corporate citizens and encourage all our members to be involved in some form of community service.
We are committed to growth of market share.
We will WOW! all of those who interact with UMMC Grenada.

We will have quality and pride in our work.
We will have the right skills and knowledge.
We will have a neat and clean appearance.
We make decisions based on the best available information at the time, explain them and honor decisions once they are made.
We are selective in the work we choose and set priorities for how work will be accomplished.

We will be honest and trustworthy.
We value honest, straightforward communication.
We build relationships on integrity and assume those with whom we work are trustworthy.

We are committed to serving others with compassion and respect.
We value diversity - both in the people we serve and in our workforce, and we are committed to promoting diversity in positions of influence in our institution.
We value contrary opinions and different points of view.

We will always be open to new ideas.
We will find a way to do something when it seems impossible.
We are committed to being a learning organization that supports the personal and professional development of our employees, medical staff, volunteers, board members, and other members of the University of Mississippi Medical Center Grenada community.
We encourage creativity, innovation and flexibility.

We will work together toward a common goal.
We will never say, "It's not my job".
We acknowledge mistakes, ask assistance and continuously work toward improvements.
We are performance and results oriented and accept accountability for our work and actions.
We are committed to partnerships, as appropriate, with others that support our values and help us accomplish our mission.

We will have a passion for our work.
We will be excited and eager.
We celebrate success and recognize achievement.