University of Mississippi Medical Center Grenada Women's Services

If you are a woman, you want to receive medical treatment from someone who understands the many health concerns you deal with throughout your life. With UMMC Grenada, you will find that kind of care right here at home, along with specialized treatment, information and support. From cosmetic surgery to hysterectomy, information on detecting breast cancer, or treatment of osteoporosis, we're here for you.

At UMMC Grenada, we are a fierce competitor in the battle against cancer. We recognize how important regular mammograms are in that fight. In addition to having the most highly skilled technologists, we also participate in research and community projects designed to improve the percentage of women receiving mammograms in our service area. UMMC Grenada participates in the statewide Information and Quality Healthcare project to improve mammography rates and is a participating provider in the Mississippi Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection program. That program is designed to assist lower income women who are uninsured or underinsured and who might not other wise get a mammogram or Pap smear.

UMMC Grenada also offers the latest technology in breast biopsy by providing a less painful and less invasive method for obtaining a sample of abnormal tissue - stereotactic breast biopsy.